Camp Miller: Our northwoods Home

We knew that finding the perfect location would be the key to making Chef Camp a special experience for our guests. We had to find a place rich in wild beauty, but with amenities for fire-focused cooking and epic feasting. We wanted trails to roam and an outdoor dining space where campers and chefs could gather to talk, drink, and dine.

So when first explored the 340 acres that comprise Camp Miller, we knew we'd discovered our home away from home. Camp Miller has been at its current site on Sturgeon Lake for more than 100 years, and you can feel that sense of history in the tall pines and the cozy cabins that sit on the edge of the lake. And it's a pleasant 90-minute drive from Minneapolis and St. Paul — just far enough to make a fresh start under the pines.

Dine & Drink

The outdoor dining pavilion sits at the center of camp right next to The Mighty Grill. We gather here for meals, laughter and camp updates. Plan on some very special meals prepared by our own Camp Cook with some of best local ingredients. 


Camp Miller has the all classics you remember from summer camp: canoeing, archery, crafts, and more. During the day you'll have free time to relax in the hammock sky chairs or bask on the swimming pier. 


Whether you're bunking in the classic, cozy lakeside cabins (with old friends or new) or tent camping, you'll be close to the action for meals, classes and bonfires. Bring your own pillow and sleeping bag to settle in for a good night’s rest after a day of playing and cooking outdoors. The cabins are just what you'd imagine at an active summer camp—full of charm and nostalgia.

camp kitchens

We are serious about wilderness cooking. Our outdoor kitchens are located at various campfire and grill sites around camp. You'll be getting hands-on cooking instruction deep in a pine forest, along foraging trails and in our lakeside “classroom.”

hike & Explore

Enjoy eight miles of radiating trails that lead to an on-site farm, the waters of Sturgeon Lake, and the wooded acres to the north that beckon for hikes and foraging.