What goes better with an evening around the campfire than some of the Twin Cities best craft beer? Fulton Beer is one of our key partners—they bring the party to camp with workshops, beer pairing dinners and a canoe full o' beer.


See Fulton Beer in action at camp:


We’re not just about drinking beer, we want to learn about it too. Fulton Head Brewer Mikey Salo teaches hands-on workshops about the brewing process, the chemistry of beer and how he comes up with the recipes that go in the cans we drink. Fulton's team of food enthusiasts have also helped show us how to pair the right beer with the right dish, and led cooking demos perfectly matched toward the beers in Fulton's lineup. 


One of the centerpieces of camp is the Saturday night pairing dinner—a memorable outdoor coursed meal where each plate is paired with classic beers from Fulton’s lineup, rare brews that you can’t find in stores, and Fulton-centered cocktails created by our partners at Bittercube. This year for the first time, we’ll be sharing a beer that you can only experience at Chef Camp.  


Hey, beer lovers! In 2016, Chef Camp was the public debut of Fulton's Standard lager, an easy drinking beer perfect for a day spent around the campfire. This year we'll have a featured camp beer that you can't taste anywhere other than camp!

Fulton Beer at Chef Camp