CHEF sean Sherman, The sioux chef


Chef Sean Sherman is the founder of the company The Sioux Chef. An Oglala Lakota, born in Pine Ridge, SD, Sherman has dedicated his career to renewing awareness of indigenous food systems in a modern culinary context. His book, "The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen," won a 2018 James Beard Foundation American Cookbook Award. 

Sean has extensively studied the foundations of indigenous food systems, including Native American farming techniques, wild food usage and harvesting, land stewardship, hunting and fishing, food preservation, Native American migrational histories, elemental cooking techniques, and Native culture and history to gain a full understanding of how to bring back a sense of Native American cuisine to today’s world.


A culture without food is a lost culture. I think it’s extremely important to bring back some of this knowledge, this food, and to be able to serve it in a modern context that everyone can appreciate. These flavors speak of the land.


Sherman’s knowledge of wild food usage and harvesting, elemental cooking techniques, and Upper Midwestern food systems make him uniquely suited to teaching about food fireside, and his classes promise to peel back the layers of history in search of flavors with a story to tell.


CHEF Karl Gerstenberger, WAldmann Wurstery


Karl Gerstenberger knows a thing or two about sausage (and history). He is currently head chef and wurstmacher at St. Paul’s historic Waldmann Brewery and Wurstery. As with all of our chefs, we selected Chef Karl for camp because he brings a unique perspective to cooking. The Waldmann Brewery—and his menus—are bringing to life a forgotten era of food in Saint Paul. His kitchen serves up authentic currywurst and bratwurst, as well as a German-inspired take on slow food.



When you’re in a minimal environment, it’s just a beautiful thing to have a meal.


Karl has worked at some of the best-known restaurants in California such as Chez Panisse, Stars, and Oliveto. Back in Minnesota, he helped establish the Seward Co-op’s meat program.

At Camp, look for Chef Karl to bring together classic cuisine, camp cooking, and whole-animal butchery. And if we're lucky, maybe he'll reveal the secret of how to make the best wurst.


chef lachelle cunningham, chelles' kitchen


Lachelle Cunningham has received many accolades, most recently winning the Charlie Award for Community Hero. She is known for her work with Breaking Bread Cafe, a program of Appetite for Change, a non-profit food justice organization. Currently, Chef Lachelle is working on the relaunch of her food business brand, Chelles’ Kitchen, a food service production and consulting company serving globally inspired comfort and healing foods. Being involved in a variety of food and health-related projects that she affectionately calls “adventures in chef-ing and environmental justice”, Chef Lachelle enjoys teaching, mentoring, consulting, participating in think-tanks and strategic coalitions, as well as simply playing in the kitchen.


My mission is to normalize healthy eating and reclaim the narrative around soul food through the exploration, innovation, and economic development of soulful American cuisine.

Chef Lachelle served as the founding President of the Onyx Culinary Collective and is dedicated to serving the community. She also volunteers in various programs involving youth like Community Cooks at Appetite for Change, the Minneapolis Public Schools True Food Chef Council, Junior Iron Chef competitions, Roots for the Home Team youth program, and the Super Bowl Super Snack Challenge. Through teaching a series of cooking classes called Healthy Roots, her mission is to normalize healthy eating and reclaim the narrative around soul food through the exploration, innovation, and economic development of soulful American cuisine.




Kathy is a serious mushroom enthusiast. Co-author of the popular local field guide Mushrooms of the Upper Midwest (Adventure Publications, 2014), Kathy Yerich has been hanging out with the Minnesota Mycological Society (MMS) for more than 10 years. Current MMS and NAMA (North American Mycological Association) Vice President, her mission in those organizations is to make learning about mushrooms fun and accessible to everyone. Though she prefers to give her foraged finds to the likes of Thomas Boemer at Corner Table, she was a large scale cook and baker for many years and loves to experiment with new foods.



Even more than farm to table, foraging is the ultimate connection to our location and season. It teaches us to keep our eyes open, observe our surroundings and the seasonal growth. 


JIM BOVINO, topos ferments


Meet the Master of Microbes. Jim Bovino has been a theater director, urban farmer, agricultural activist and cider-maker. But now, as owner/operator of Topos Ferments, he gets to play with veggies all day. Bovino's mission is preserving the local harvest using traditional methods of lacto-fermentation, and lately has been incorporating Japanese ingredients and methods into his ferments. 




Preserving the local harvest with traditional lacto-fermentation techniques.




Anne Andrus is the owner of Honey & Rye Bakehouse in St. Louis Park, MN. She grew up baking monkey bread at home with her mother in a rural Minnesota kitchen. Now a business owner and a mom, her passion for baking, family, and community continues to inspire her journey.

Following graduation from St. Catherine University with degrees in Spanish and International Business and Economics, she began working for a non-profit international trade organization. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to the world of baking. After spending three years learning the ropes at a cupcake shop in Oakland, CA, she completed the professional baking program at the San Francisco Baking Institute. She returned to MN where her love of community and butter inspired her to open her own retail bakery in 2013. 


Her passion for baking, family, and community continues to inspire her journey.


Vincent Francoual

Vincent Francoual is a celebrated chef in Minneapolis. He currently serves as the Culinary Director for Cara Irish Pubs. Vincent worked under famed chef Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin, a 4-star New York Times and 3-star Michelin-rated restaurant. He also owned and operated Vincent A Restaurant in Minneapolis, a local favorite for 15 years before he closed the restaurant in 2015 to venture into his current role.

As Culinary Director of Cara Irish Pubs, Vincent drives a more elevated, food-forward experience for the group’s four Twin Cities restaurants: Kieran’s Irish Pub, The Local, Cooper and The Liffey.

Chef Camp Class

Erik Sather

Erik is the owner of Lowry Hill Meats in Minneapolis. He started his connection to good food early in life—growing up on a hog farm in Southern Minnesota.

Through years of cooking in some of Minneapolis' best restaurants, Erik continued his passion for connecting to the source of his ingredients, and being as much a part of the process as possible. 

Chef Camp Class

Jason Engelhart

Jason Engelhart is the executive chef at Meritage where he cooks high-end French influenced cuisine. He began his connection to food and the outdoors at a very young age at his grandfather’s hunting cabin in Wisconsin. When he is not exploring classic ways of preparing complex dishes, he is  is an enthusiastic backyard griller/smoker of meats.

Chef Camp Class

jd 2017.png

JD Fratzke

JD Fratzke was born in the Mississippi River Valley of southeastern Minnesota in the last quarter of the twentieth century. He began working in restaurants as a teenager and is now the chef and co-owner of Bar Brigade in Saint Paul, MN. JD lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Lisa, a painter, and their daughter, Nina Jeann. He continues to dedicate his life to kindness, deliciousness and a fierce desire to be outside.

Brad Leone

Brad Leone is the Test Kitchen Manager at Bon Appétit in New York City. Fermentation and offbeat methods of cooking have been his passion both at work and home as documented in his video series It's Alive! Born in northern New Jersey (the pretty part), Brad grew up hunting and fishing with his dad and got to spend a lot of time in the woods. Now he channels his love of cooking into keeping up an eye-popping pantry at Bon Appétit, nowadays full of projects such as homemade miso, kombucha, and a Mexican fermented pineapple brew called Tepache.

Brian Merkel

After an enjoyable childhood in Michigan, Brian Merkel hit the road. Artist-turned-meat-guy, his path has led him to Portland, Detroit, New York and San Francisco. He is now one of many men to have followed a woman back to Minnesota. These days you can find him as the in-house butcher at Tullibee, making sausage and charcuterie and tending to his custom dry-aging program. To Brian, the craft of butchery and charcuterie is a creative practice that's rich in cultural history. He prefers cold winters, freshwater fish, old country music, dry riesling, sour beer and a stiff boning knife. When he says heʼll put a ham in your chimney, heʼs not speaking in metaphor. 

Kathy Yerich

Lukas Leaf

Lukas Leaf spends his free time fishing, foraging, hunting, camping and cooking his way through the great outdoors. He serves on the board of the MN chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, is the chef of Modern Carnivore and works as the Sporting Outreach Coordinator for Sportsmen For The Boundary Waters. He was the executive chef at Al Vento restaurant in Minneapolis for 11 years.