Camp Recipe: Pineapple-Vanilla Phosphate with Plantation Pineapple Rum by Bittercube

Serves 1 

1 oz Pineapple-Vanilla Syrup (see recipe below)
1 1/2 oz Plantation Pineapple Rum
2 dashes Bittercube Jamaican #2 Bitters
5 oz seltzer

GLASS: Collins or Soda Fountain glass

GARNISH: Pineapple Frond with a dash of bitters dropped down from the top of the frond

INSTRUCTIONS: Build ingredients in glass then add ice. Garnish.


INSTRUCTIONS: Add vanilla to juice, then add sugar and acid. Whisk and give time to amalgamate sugar.

Pineapple-vanilla syrup 

800 ml pineapple juice
1200 ml sugar
2 tsp vanilla bean paste
1 g citric acid